Instructions to Grow Potatoes – Using a No Dig Method

In a perfect world you need to find your potato fix in region that gets a lot of sun. In soil that is all around depleted and that has not had potatoes or direct relations like tomatoes filling in it for no less than three years.

Seed potatoes

Pick seed potatoes from guaranteed infection free stocks. You can at a push use potatoes that have grown from your storage room however you will not get such great outcomes.


A pleasant bright region in your home (should be ice allowed) to allow the tubers to grow. I place mine in egg boxes on the window ledge with the eyes highest. Once there is about an inch of development the potatoes are prepared to plant. Mean to plant out in mid-spring.


The planting region is as a matter of first importance covered with covering layers of paper full thickness. The paper can be put straight over weeds. Onto the paper you spread out your tubers around 1 foot separated.


When to harvest potatoes? Over the potatoes you need to put around 1 foot of mulch. This can comprise of feed, straw, leaves, paper shreds and grass clippings. A combination of these will work. As the potatoes develop they should be covered over with more mulch. It is fundamental that the tubers are not permitted to be presented to the sun as this delivers a green tuber which is toxic whenever eaten in amount. You might have to water the fix if the mulch is extremely dry.


Utilizing this strategy there is no compelling reason to uncover the tubers at harvest time. In the first place you should pull back a portion of the mulch and specifically select new potatoes. The principle yield can be harvested once the top development begins to become yellow. To harvest drag away the mulch and the spotless tubers should in any case be perched on top of the paper layer fit to be gotten the hard way. Assuming you need to keep the tubers permit them to dry out for 24 hours in the sun then they are fit to be put away.

This technique for developing potatoes produces delectable clean potatoes that can be fused into your family’s eating times.